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SASHA clients have the option of living in SASHA Housing, or independently in the community. Our 3 homes are located in lovely, quiet neighbourhoods near the heart of Lethbridge. We provide a family atmosphere with common spaces for meals and entertainment, weekly house meetings, and shared household chores. Most clients share rooms, though we do have space for a couple, or a parent and child. Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day ensuring that support is always available.

SASHA homes are recovery focused. We provide:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Transitional / Stabilization Housing

  • Respite Housing

  • Assertive Intensive Case Management

  • Independent Living Skills Support

  • Housing First 

  • Community Treatment Order

SASHA 2.0 Permanent Supportive Community Living

SASHA clients who develop the skills to live independently in the community can do so while still receiving supports from SASHA. We have helped many clients successfully make the move to their own housing, achieving the dream of independent living.


Permanent supportive community living is client driven. SASHA provides outreach support to continue empowering clients to make healthy choices, while helping connect them to a wide range of other community services so that each client has an inclusive network of supports. This includes:


  • Outreach Support

  • Social Supports & Inclusion

  • Independent Living Skills Support

  • Engaging with Natural and Community Supports

A Continuum of Supports

SASHA realizes that each individual progresses towards their goals at their own pace. Sometimes people need to go backwards and forwards in order to get to where they ultimately want to be. 


No one loses their space at SASHA. As an individual’s circumstances change, SASHA adjusts support plans and housing with them, allowing the client to know that no matter what happens, they have a safe place with SASHA. 


This means that clients may move amongst the 3 different SASHA homes based on their needs. It also means that clients living independently in the community can come back to SASHA homes for a period, or permanently, based on their needs. 


SASHA programming is always individualized to the client. As the client evolves, our supports, skills development, activities and connections do too.


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